Coye Francies Throws Ice at Teammates

Krishna DhaniCorrespondent ISeptember 25, 2009

CLEVELAND - AUGUST 29:  Coye Francies #25 of the Cleveland Browns breaks up a pass to Paul Williams #11 of the Tennessee Titans at Cleveland Browns Stadium on August 29, 2009 in Cleveland, Ohio.  (Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images) reports the Cleveland Browns conerback Coye Francies gets in a fight with his own teammate, all due to a prank.

It all started after the Browns had a wonderful practice, they were still in a good mood. But they decided to actually pull a prank on one of there rookies, not such a good choice. But Francies really didn't care about the prank, it was pointless to him.

The real action happened on Friday when some of his teammates came over in the locker room with a bucket of ice. As they slowly aprouched Brandon McDonald the cornerback, McDonald turned but he couldn't stop them as they dumped a huge amount of ice on him. It just pured like water, as if it was nothing.

Then Francies goes to other players were the story turns to horror, it gets really ugly.

He flung some more at Mike Adams, as the others start to think "what is this guy doing." Then Francies goes really wild as he flings a lot more at Abram Elam. Then you really don't want to know what happens. Francies throws his own arms at Elam!

Then the nose tackle Shun Rogers comes and grabs Coye by the shirt, and escorts him outside to have a little talk about all the nonsense going on. "Calm down, man," said Shaun to Coye. Unfortunatly wide receiver Braylon Edwards, comes and hollers "Welcome to the Browns locker room!" Which we all know is not a good sign.

Francies returned a few minutes later, to go to the locker room. "It was just guys having fun," McDonald said. I think he was just trying to calm things down like everyone would. I mean it is not something that someone would let go, so people can fight over.

I hope everything gets better, and none of this happens again.