Panthers TE Greg Olsen Shows Step-by-Step Process of Shaving Off His Beard

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistFebruary 9, 2016

Now that his team's season has come to an end, Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen is in offseason mode.

That means he waved bye-bye to his beard.

Olsen gave fans a shot-by-shot look at the beard-removal process on Tuesday afternoon. By the end, some fans may have had a hard time recognizing the Pro Bowler.

While some fans may be sad to see the facial hair go, this shouldn't come as a surprise. During one of his Super Bowl media sessions, the 30-year-old Olsen admitted he was ready to shave his beard, saying that he only kept growing it because of superstition.

Olsen may be sad to see his team's incredible season come to an end, but he was more than ready to shave.

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