Is Austin Aries Coming To The WWE?

Myles HubbardCorrespondent ISeptember 25, 2009


Now, as we all know by now, Bryan Danielson and Nigel McGuiness have both recently signed WWE contracts. But now there is a strong possibility that the current ROH World Champion Austin Aries could wind up coming to the WWE eventually. In a recent interview, he had a couple things to say about the situation.

“I think the reality of the situation is if you’re WWE and you’re looking for talent, you’re going to want the best guys out there, and you’re gonna look at Ring Of Honor, because that’s where the best talent is,” Aries said on this week’s Monday Night Mayhem internet radio show.  “Who knows, maybe I’ll be the next guy to go.”

Aries also said he can’t stand snobs who think ROH wrestlers are “selling out” by jumping to WWE.

“There’s nothing more I hate than a wrestling snob. Quite frankly this is a business, and it’s about making money, and right now, the WWE is the place to make money,” Aries said. “Obviously we love the art form and passion about what we do, but these guys want to make some money. They put their time on this level, and I have no doubts that if given the opportunity, they’ll be successful, because that’s what they’ve done their whole career.”

Then he comments on people on saying that ROH is doomed because of the loss of McGuiness and Danielson.

“I think the company relied on me for a long time. You talk about pressure all the way back to my debut at Generation Next, when basically we were put in position where we had a lot of the company’s future riding on our backs, and we were thrust in the spot to either swim or sink…and we swam,” Aries said. “I like to think every time I was put in a high pressure position, I’ve always delivered.”



I personally would like to see him join the WWE eventually, but I'm curious about if he has that WWE "look" as people might say. What is your opinion about this development, and thank you for reading.