LSU Visits MSU 9/26/09

Brett HollowayContributor ISeptember 25, 2009

Bring it & Ring it! Friday is here, and that means tomorrow is gameday for the Dawgs. If you ask me, I think the atmosphere in Starkville tomorrow will be unbelievable, and possibly as loud as ever. Here's some things you might not know about this match-up.

Jordan Jefferson has yet to throw for over 200 yds in any of his 10 career games, and many critics are calling for the Tigers to open it up this week. On the defensive side of the ball, the Tigers haven’t given up a TD in 6 quarters. But, the Dawgs can boast about a 4 quarter streak of the same manner. Both teams are clicking on offense averaging 28 ppg, but LSU’s offensive yds per game is dead last in the SEC. History though, has LSU boasting, why? Let’s just say that since the Dawgs beat the Tigers in 1999, LSU has won 9 in a row, and outscored the Dawgs 374-105. Both teams come into this game with some tough future matchups. The Dawgs host GT and Houston, while the Tigers travel to UGA and host UF, in the coming weeks.

So can State end the curse? I think so. What do they have to do?

-Control the clock. Shorten the game as much as possible. In doing that, State cannot expect to only move the chains on 3rd downs. Attack on 1st and 2nd down as well. If not, I don’t see us having much success with LSU crowding the line on 3rd and short.

-Minimize the big play. State couldn’t do it vs Auburn, and paid dearly. But, LSU seems to lack the ability so far this season-to do just that, but the talent is there. No doubt.

-Must be able to throw the ball for first downs. State has to show some ‘onions’ and get out of the slant only mindset. Attack the sidelines, hashes, and get the ball to the speedsters.

My Prediction: State plays similar to the way they did vs Vandy last week, but allows some big plays, but none over 30. The Defense feeds off the home crowd, but more importantly so does the Offensive line- which plays much better than we ever expected. The Dawgs win it on D, on the last possession, Mullen gets carried off the field, and the Dawgs remember what it feels like to compete in a big time SEC game, and come out on top. Call me a homer, I just think we are long overdue vs LSU. And this is a trap game.

Dawgs 17  Tigers 16…Familiar score? 1999 all over again.

And hats off to those South Carolina Gamecocks!!! Somebody’s #4, no more. Cocka-doodle-doo! And for the record, Snead threw about 4 INT’s last night, but USC’s Defense just couldn’t bring one down. 107 yds, mostly on one play-how was this guy ever mentioned amongst Heisman company at the beginning of the year?