Crosby Interupted By Tight Groin

Randi St.OngeContributor IOctober 30, 2016

Sidney Crosby left the game Thursday night against the Columbus Blue Jacket's with a tight groin. We know that he has had some minor injury's before, and again, Crosby says that this one is not one to worry about yet.

"It was just sore, bothered me in warm ups and bothered me the last couple of days. It's just better to stay off of it." Crosby tells us that the injury is not severe and he should be back on his feet soon for the start of the regular season, but, that start is just days away. Will the star athlete of the Pittsburgh Penguins be able to get back on his feet by October 2nd?

Crosby says he's hoping that the injury lasts for just a few more days. "I've hurt my groin before and it's not too bad. I missed five games with it last year. It's just something you have to be careful with."

Crosby will not participate in the practice today, but will try to skate on Saturday so that he can try and get ready for the pre-season finale game against the defending Detroit Red Wings, who have challenged The Pittsburgh Penguins the last two years in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, each year, with a win for both teams.

"I would love to play Sunday, and that's what i hope." Crosby says, "You really don't know with groins, you really just look at it each day and see how it goes."

Coach Dan Bylsma also voices his opinion on the situation, "We'll see how it goes, we'll judge where he's at today, and go day by day."

So far, the injury looks to be nothing severe, but let's hope that it doesn't get worse as he has missed most of the pre-season games that have taken place this month. I would like to see Crosby take the ice on Sunday, but we all know that we can't push an injury in this league.

So far, the penguins haven't been doing too well. They have only won one out of their last four pre-season games. Let's hope that our new players and the rest of the team will step it up a notch for Sunday's game against the Detroit Red Wings. Let's prove to our fans that we deserved that Cup in June, and keep the cycle of the 2009 Stanley Cup Champions title, going.