Logo Blog #8: Denver Nuggets (1974-1981 Logo)

Avry Lewis-McDougallContributor ISeptember 25, 2009

All right folks, I'm back with another logo blog (its been a while huh?) and this time, I'm blogging about the logo of the Denver Nuggets from 1974 to 1981. Where to start with this logo, first of all its a crazed miner with a ball in one and and a pick in the other, the fact that he disregarded the ball's safety by also having a pick in his hand is incredible. The man in the logo, also has his tongue sticking out, if this logo was used during the era of Jordan and his brand, well then the Nuggets would have been looking at a lawsuit the size of American Samoa. One thing that is truly odd in this logo is that even worse than the man holding the ball and a pick is that he is doing this (and running folks!) is that he is doing this wearing shorts! Well, just in case you didn't know what sport that miner holding a BASKETBALL represented, its appears that the Nuggets were nice enough to have him wear shorts to remind us all that they play BASKETBALL. I'd go on about the red beard but seriously, it would be way too creappy to go on with that beard, seriously, when they were thinking up team names did they already have the logo done and no confirmed name? It appears that Pirates was one of the finalists and they decided to keep the beard. (I know I used seriously alot but seriously its odd you know, like seriously).

Avry's logo scale

24/10 for being seriously odd

18.6/10 for letting us know that the Nuggets are a basketball team by having the miner in shorts when he is already holding a basketball.

That's all for now folks, another logo blog done ah a sense of accomplishment!

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