Ronnie C WrightContributor ISeptember 25, 2009

From In Hot Sun Diary
Ronnie C. Wright
Gator Season 
Fall 2009
     {SUN} glowed on their helmets, as they prepared for war. No trees - no shade - just sun.
     The sounds of warriors engaged my senses. Every drill was in order.
     Blood, sweat and tears covered the grass. Liquids - different colored liquids were everywhere. Many of the bottles were marks of trade sold to fuel the troops in battle.
     Close enough a wounded warrior lay in pain. The explosion made contact with my ears and, threw my mind, body and spirit into the combat zone. Eye witness reality - [thought] - "they fight for us - our nation."
     Medic Noname, focused straight through me, making an imprint on my total being. I grasped a deeper appreciation for dedication and sacrifice. Heads, hands, hearts and health - often shattered in defense of sovereign territory.
     My life is good! My family - my friends - my fellow countrymen are happy - thanks to their efforts.
     The warrior, not badly hurt was cheered. He had lifted his head and spirits. My life seem better, knowing, all is well. Immediately, I thought, "Today, is truly the beginning of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness..."
     I noticed the leader on the field; he appeared to be saying, "With your hands - you can!" The soldiers rallied around him. They were charged up. Firing a missile in enemy land he demonstrated his might, his will - his skill.
     What a weapon!, I thought. The war is won.
     The General came in view and yelled at him as to make a point to the others - "more is expected."
     The General and his team looked like points of light in the {SUN} - CASTING A LASER BEAM TOWARDS ONE GOAL - WINNING.  
AT SUNRISE - light streaked across the sky. My imaginary friend Hercules, a war veteran slowly raises his head and says, "Welcome to The Swamp" then flashbacks to Vietnam.