2009 Week 3 BCSFP Finalized

Michael HoppesCorrespondent ISeptember 25, 2009

The 2009 Week 3 poll is now final. Florida and Texas remain the 1-2 punch. With USC dropping from the top 10, a lot of teams moved up a slot. The biggest movers this week were Miami moving up 10 spots to #10 and BYU moving down 11 slots to #18. Five new teams entered the poll this week: Florida State, Kansas, Iowa, Pittsburgh and Michigan causing these five teams to be dropped: Utah, Georgia Tech, Nebraska, Texas Tech and Oregon State, but all are in the still receiving votes section. Sadly, we lost 1 official pollster for failing to submit a ballot, but we gained 4 new official pollsters.

An interesting discussion occurred this week about whether it’s okay to copy polls, or computer rankings or just in general. The general feeling seemed to be “Why would you bother?” However, no one seemed to think it was terribly bad, and there’s still only 2 weeks for the pollster that appears to have copied a computer ranking, which could be coincidental. More feedback and ideas and your opinion are always welcome. As is, there isn’t a formal challenge to the pollster just some confusion to his rankings and what’s he’s said on how he ranks his teams.