TJ Dillashaw Talks Dominick Cruz Rematch, Potential Urijah Faber UFC Title Shot

Christopher SimpsonFeatured ColumnistJanuary 26, 2016

Dominick Cruz evades a punch against TJ Dillashaw in their mixed martial arts title bout at UFC Fight Night 81, Sunday, Jan. 17, 2016, in Boston.  Cruz won via split decision and is the new UFC Bantamweight Champion.  (AP Photo/Gregory Payan)
Gregory Payan/Associated Press

T.J. Dillashaw has admitted he would be "sick to his stomach" if Urijah Faber is granted a shot at the UFC bantamweight title ahead of him earning a rematch with Dominick Cruz.  

Per Shaun Al-Shatti of MMA Fighting, Cruz is hoping to face Faber for a third time in his next outing in the Octagon, and Dillashaw told The MMA Hour the following:

Why would he want to fight me when [we had] such a close fight and I feel that I won, and a lot of other people feel that I won that fight? That's a lot more dangerous of a fight for him to take, and he's trying to stay on top. I feel like Urijah looks like the easier fight and Dominick knows that.

I'll probably be sick to my stomach if that happens, because why does he [Faber] deserve it? The only reason he deserves it is because he's got a name. It's not like he's had performances where he should be in title contention. I don't feel that he deserves that shot. I feel that I do. I feel that I won that fight. And it'll make me sick to my stomach.

Cruz narrowly defeated Dillashaw at UFC Fight Night 81 in a split decision after the pair produced an exceptionally close and high-quality encounter.

The 29-year-old is eager for an immediate rematch and will be taking his case to UFC President Dana White and chairman Lorenzo Fertitta. Per The MMA Hour, he said: "I think we're going to be talking to Dana and Lorenzo here real soon. I'm kind of letting the dust settle. I don't want to seem overly pushy about it. I told Dana after the fight that I want that rematch and I felt I deserved it, and so I'm hoping he's taking that into consideration."

The American further feels he deserves a rematch after Renan Barao—whom he won the UFC Bantamweight Championship belt off of with ease in a knockout—was handed one with him soon after they clashed for the first time, whereas he put in a much stronger performance against Cruz.

Bleacher Report's Patrick Wyman believed Dillashaw deserved to win the fight, and he, along with SB Nation's Luke Thomas, gave their take on why the judges ultimately ruled in favour of the Dominator:

UFC writer Damon Martin took no issue with the decision to award Cruz the fight, but he feels Dillashaw's efforts earned him the right of an immediate rematch:

While a decisive trilogy fight between Cruz and Faber could hold some interest, Faber hasn't strung together a consistent run of wins since 2013, and he hasn't won at least five consecutive fights since 2008, so it could be argued he doesn't deserve a chance to win the title at the moment.

Further, after such an incredible contest, the spectators' choice would likely be a rematch and a shot for Dillashaw to reclaim his title.

White seems likely to recognise the desire to see the two step into the Octagon once again, so expect them to be facing off in their next fight.