NFL P Steve Weatherford Backflips into Snow in His Underwear After Blizzard

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistJanuary 24, 2016

via @weatherford5

How do you celebrate finally being able to get out of your house after a blizzard?

By doing a backflip off your deck and into the snow, of course. And if you really want to celebrate, that backflip should be done in your underwear.

NFL punter Steve Weatherford, who is a free agent, was among those affected by Winter Storm Jonas. According to a post by Weatherford on Instagram, his house got a whopping 20-plus inches of snow as a result of this weekend's storm.

Weatherford was trapped inside for two days as the blizzard raged outside. On Sunday, he was finally able to get back outside—so the 33-year-old celebrated like a kid on a snow day.

It was probably never more fun to play in the snow than it was at that point. Leaving the house must have felt great.

[Steve Weatherford]