Metrodome Primed For One More Meaningful October

Dan AdamsCorrespondent ISeptember 24, 2009

You can call the Minnesota Twins a small-market team with the amount of revenue they generate and lower end payroll they implement each season.


Even within their own division, both the Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers dwarf the Twins when it comes to spending money. The franchise has used the excuse of playing in the Metrodome for it’s lack of spending. With a limited number of suites and executive seating, the Metrodome has been a failure when it comes to the financially supporting a competitive MLB team. In contrast, the field has helped the ball club in numerous occasions— with its quirky roof and cement-like field turf.


With Target Field opening for the 2010 season, the Minnesota Twins have only three games remaining in their dull, dark, dome. With the two upcoming road series against Kansas City and Detroit on the horizon, Minnesota could find themselves playing for their postseason lives in their last three games in the Metrodome.


Some may think the Metrodome has lacked a true baseball atmosphere for a game meant to be played outside. Don’t let it deter you from attending or watching any of the games. With two successful road series in the next week, wouldn’t it be great for the franchise to exit the stadium that treated us to two World Series Championships with some more meaningful baseball?


If things break the Twins way, there is a good chance fans will see the final game in the Metrodome as a playoff game.


Cross your fingers.