Hard Knocks: No Way Out PPV About To Be Changed? (WHAT?!)

Sherard QuowContributor ISeptember 24, 2009

Hello, this is Hard Knocks again and I hope that this is not true but it seems that the WWE has given out a new survey to the WWE Universe for the PPV, No Way Out for their opinion to change the name to one of these:

1) Elimination Chamber (For the fifteenth time, isn't this a GOD DAM STIPULATION!!!)

2) No Way Out (I don't know why they are putting this as a choice even though the PPV is named NO WAY OUT! I just hope that they (and me, well im going to choose No Way Out anyway) choose No Way Out and not any other choices.)   

3) Battle Chamber (BATTLE CHAMBER? Did the WWE Universe (Kids Only) choose this name and thought that this was a new toy chamber to use at home with toy wrestlers or something?)

4) Heavy Metal (EH? I don't even wanna talk about this.)

5) Chamber of Conflict (No Comment...................)  


These name changes wanna make me put my finger down my throat and spew the PEOPLE'S VOMIT all over the WWE. (Especially Vincent Kennedy MCMAHON!!!!!)


And this is a DISGRACED AND DISGUSTED Hard Knocks signing off!