Michigan Hockey Player Delivers Cheap Shot During Scrum with Ohio State Player

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistJanuary 17, 2016

via @TheCauldron

Fighting in college hockey is a no-no, which only makes this brutal cheap shot that much more egregious.

The Ohio State Buckeyes and the Michigan Wolverines played a home-and-home series this weekend, with the Buckeyes pulling out a shootout victory on Friday and the Wolverines bouncing back with an 8-6 victory on Sunday. While the rivals played two tight games, an ugly ending to the finale overshadowed the series.

A scrum broke out on the ice at the end of Sunday's game, with some tussling going on. Most of the players refrained from participating in any real fighting, but Michigan's Cutler Martin just couldn't help himself.

Martin and Ohio State's Brendon Kearney got tangled up, leading to a referee stepping in between them. The ref couldn't stop things from escalating, however. Martin and Kearney ended up down on the ice, where the Wolverines sophomore caught the Buckeye by surprise with a bunch of wicked punches—with the ref still in between them.

As the box score shows, a slew of penalty minutes were racked up as a result of the scrum. Those penalty minutes are secondary for Martin, as he will be looking at a suspension.

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