Boston Celtics Not as Good as Advertised?

Sky JonesContributor IMay 29, 2008

The 2007-2008 season began with great hopes for a rejuvenated Boston Celtics team. Fresh off acquiring two accomplished all-stars in Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen for almost nothing, the words "winners" and "champions" were soon linked to this team.

In the regular season, the Celtics slipped right into this role after an eight-game undefeated run right out the gates and only three losses after two months of play.

They continued this run and further solidified their presence throughout the season, capping it all with a "Texas Triangle" sweep. It was a feat which had been accomplished only once before, ironically by another Big Three of the Celtics dynasty. Just three guys by the names of Larry Bird, Robert Parish, and Kevin McHale. Ring a bell?

After such a strong regular season, some were suggesting just skipping the playoffs all together and simply handing the trophy to the Celtics. Of course that was impossible, but it just shows how some fans were under the impression that the Celtics were surefire champs.

The regular season ended and the first round match-ups were set. The Celtics were to face off against the measly Hawks. It was considered a write-off, a four game sweep and some rest before facing off against Arenas or LeBron in the second round.

However, things did not pan out like anyone could have possibly expected. The Hawks took it all the way to Game 7, where some were actually entertaining the idea of the Hawks advancing over the Celtics for one of the biggest upsets in NBA history.

The Celtics did pull it out though, but not unharmed, I may add. The reputation of the so-called "Champs" was decreased and some began to question whether they could even make it past the second round.

This brings me to my point that the Celtics are not as good as advertised. They are not a surefire lock to win the Championship with ease.

Yes, they are good. With the strong veteran additions they made midway through the season, they have a legitimate chance if they work for it. Here they are up 3-2 in the Eastern Conference Finals, with a chance to close out Detroit in six.

Even if they do, what chance do they have against Kobe or Duncan?

The Boston Celtics are a good team—some may say a great team. The Celtics were advertised as the next NBA champions, the team that would take it all with ease. Unfortunately, like most things in the world today, they were not as good as advertised.