WWE's No Way Out: Is It On Its Way Out?

Matthew HesterSenior Writer ISeptember 24, 2009

Hello, everyone. As always, I would like to thank all of you for joining me today.


It appears that the WWE is looking to make some more name changes for PPV’s. This time the casualty of war is the PPV known as “No Way Out”. I received an email asking to rate a list of possible name changes for the PPV.


These were the choices they gave me to choose from.


Battle Chamber


This name to me is very bland in my opinion. I get where they are going with the name. The battle chamber represents the elimination chamber. I am just not feeling that name though.


When I hear the name battle chamber it make me think of MMA more the wrestling. This idea should be thrown out like yesterdays garbage. That wouldn’t be a bad name for a match though.


Heavy Metal


Is the WWE for real on this idea? They want to name the PPV after a style of music. How lame and unoriginal can they get? Why don’t the call the next PPV Rap, or how about country?


I know they don’t have the shiniest apples running the show these days. I would hope that they could come up with better ideas then this though. This is just a really bad name for a PPV.


Elimination Chamber


I hope it is not a current trend where they will be naming more PPV’s after matches. The whole “Hell in the cell” name was a bad idea also. It might just be me, but I think it cheapens the match itself.


If they decide to rename this PPV “The Elimination chamber. This tells me a couple of things. It says to me that either the WWE is getting really lazy, or they are just running out of ideas.


Chamber of Conflict


Out of all the lame names they are considering. This is the only one that isn’t that god-awful. The name kind of has an evil kind of feel to it. If they have to pick one, this is the one I would rather see.


With that being said, I don’t really care for this idea either. I am more or less choosing the worst of four evils. At least this one doesn’t totally stink though.


They also gave the option of whether you wanted to keep the name the way it is.


 I personally think they are all lousy names. If they were going to choose one though, I would have to go with “Chamber of Conflict”. At least they put a little thought into that name.


In all honesty I don’t see the point of renaming all the PPV’s. I don’t mind them changing a few of the names. It just seems kind of stupid though to change some of the more popular named PPV’s.


I hope they decide to just leave No Way out the way it is. It was always one of my favorite PPV’s. You know how Vince is though, God forbid he does something that makes sense.


I would like to thank you again for joining me today.


As always, have a safe and blessed day.