Isiah's Spending Spree: Knicks Printing Money in New York

Harris BeringerAnalyst IOctober 3, 2007

IconWith no other way to spend more of his friend James Dolan's money, Isiah Thomas has resorted to collecting rookies.

The Knicks now have six players in training camp with under a year of NBA service—if you include Randolph Morris, who joined the team immediately after his college season ended last year.

Thomas must be a huge fan of mine, as he followed my advice in acquiring rookie Jared Jordan from the Clippers for cash considerations on Sunday.

Jordan has shown flashes of being a floor leader who makes his teammates better.  If he makes the roster, maybe his passing magic, court awareness, and unselfishness will rub off on the rest of the Knicks.  

Jordan's unreliable shooting may improve over time.  Though he didn't test out as exceptionally athletic, he claims to be quick enough to defend opposing point guards.

The Clippers must have been more concerned with what they saw of his play.

Dan Dickau was waived and will probably sign with the Clippers.  Dickau hasn't received much playing time, partially because of injuries.  He projects as a 13-point, five-assist, 40-percent three-point shooter on an average team.

Second-round selection Demetris Nichols was signed Monday to a non-guaranteed contract.  Nichols thinks he belongs in NY, which is why he rejected the suggestion to play in Italy this year.

The rookie has impressed Thomas with his shooting.

Money is clearly no object to a Knicks team that has wasted millions on such busts as Jerome James, Jared Jeffries, Malik Rose, Steve Francis, Jerome Williams, and Kelvin Cato in recent years.

The Knicks are now also on the hook for an expensive civil settlement, thanks largely to the "frat boy" atmosphere encouraged by Dolan and Thomas.

Thomas would have been fired by any other organization for his behavior—if not for his fiscal irresponsibility.  Commissioner David Stern needs to discipline these two and force Dolan to sell the team.