"Fashion Versus Tennis"

heidi altermanContributor ISeptember 24, 2009

Tennis is definitely a well loved and understood sport. Fashion is loved and hated by many, understood by a few, but noticed by all. Should one be considered sport, but not the other? Let's review the rules of what makes something a "sport".

Aggressive, competitive, active, skillful; all words that describe what is needed in a sport.

Serving an ace for the third time in a row, all above 120mph, seems like it qualifies for both active and skillful.

Changing an entire outfit in under 10 seconds, heading back out on the runway, and pulling off the 'killer pose' at the end of the runway without falling; hmmm...also seems to qualify for skillful and active.

Coming to the net for a 0-40 play, ball is just hovering in midair, waiting to be slammed at the back of your opponent's middle court,sending it rocketing into the audience; aggressive.

Designing a line of 'on and off court wear' ( cardigans for entering the court or for chilly weather after play ),and then inscribing the number 15 on said cardigan before the match has begun; aggressive. 

Competitive: give me a break...if this one needs a comparison ( ok, wait- Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, and just recently taking a set from my man, Lleyton Hewitt ), you should either watch less Ultimate Fighting and attend fashion week next February ( basically the same premise ) or attend a live tennis match and follow it by shopping at Filene's Basement!

Rest assured tennis is a sport, and probably my favorite, but just a thought to put out there, if burning engines and steering tires in repetitive circles around a track is a sport, then surely fashion should get a polite 'nod'  and be considered at least 'in the running'.