Cena, Orton Contract Signing Leads To Six-Man Tag Action

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Cena, Orton Contract Signing Leads To Six-Man Tag Action
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RAW was hypnotic and entertaining Monday night, thanks to Cedric the Entertainer. Never thought it would ever be like it was before until last night.

It was John Cena's and Randy Orton's contract signing. Now you know that something always happens when one of these events are happening. It never fails.

Monday night was no exception. Randy was introduced and he came out with the look of the devil in his eyes. The fans went wild and gave Cena a standing ovation, as always. They have a lot of respect for this man. He's their champion.

Both men were seated at the table while Jerry the King Lawler read the rules for the signing and reminded both superstars that there was to be no physicality at the signing of the contract.

They were both talking trash to each other and they both know that they could back up what they said. Cena and Orton talk the talk and can walk the walk.

Randy told John what he was going to do to him at Hell In A Cell and reminded him that Cena never had been in a Hell In A Cell match and that he wouldn't survive this one.

Well Cena talked his trash talk, getting the fans riled up and excited. He mocked Orton and made faces that he says Orton makes. That part had everyone laughing.

They both got serious and you could tell that Randy was seething. He had that wild look in his eyes and his body was tensed. Even though he couldn't touch Cena, that didn't mean that no one else could.

Orton brought out Jericho (Christina) and the Big Show (Big Slow) and they surrounded John with Randy standing on the announcer's table. John tried to fight his way out to no avail.

Mark Henry and MVP came out to help John. Cedric came out and said that he thought that there should be a six-man tag team match. Jericho made a deal with the host for the night.

The deal went like this: if Jericho's team lost, Orton would be in a gauntlet match against MVP, Cena and Mark Henry. If Cena's team lost, then John would have to do the gauntlet match against Jericho, Orton, and Big Slow.

Both teams were out for blood. There was and still isn't any love lost between Cena's team or Orton's. You know that trouble was brewing when Randy sent Legacy home after Cody's match.

He told Legacy that he had everything under control. Orton always has a plan. He's always one step a head of his opponents.

The match was action packed and went back and forth. Just when you thought Orton had Cena, he would come back and vise versa.

There was a slip of the hand by Orton's team. The ref was distracted, the match got out of control and Orton's team won.

Now on the next Monday Night Raw, John Cena will be in a gauntlet match. If Orton has anything to do with it, he and his teammates will try to put Cena out of commission so he can't compete at Hell In A Cell.

Randy will go to any length to get that belt back. If Cena survives this onslaught, will he be able to take Randy out of the equation at Hell In A Cell? Who will be the survivor of that match?

Who will be standing with the belt after the smoke clears? This rivalry has to end sometime and it may be ending at Hell In A Cell.

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