Patriots Fans Apparently Call Chip Kelly After Firing, Yell 'Go Pats' at End

Thomas DuffyFeatured ColumnistDecember 30, 2015


Warning: Video contains NSFW language.

Chip Kelly was fired by the Philadelphia Eagles on Tuesday—and if that wasn’t enough, he had to deal with getting a call from these guys.

A few New England Patriots fans supposedly got the coach’s number from a girl claiming to have worked with Kelly at Portsmouth Country Club in his native state of New Hampshire. Here's the rest of the backstory, as detailed (typos and all) by YouTube user Scott Hill:

So this girl we were with last night… Worked at portsmouth country club in new hampshire. Kelly is from mew [sic] hampshire. He was a 3 day guest there, and she was kinda like an assistant for him while he was there. She said one night him and his buddies were wasted and said here take my phone number in case you lose me

Now, let’s be clear—there’s a chance this could be fake or staged. But the voice on the other end definitely sounded like Kelly, and the Patriots fans likely would’ve spiced things up if this wasn’t real.

Look at the dude's face when someone picks up the phone, too. Either he's a tremendous actor, or that was genuine shock.

After getting Kelly to say he appreciates their comments a few times, the primary talker ended the call with a “Go Pats!”

[YouTube, h/t The Big Lead]