Flozell Adams: The 34 Year Old Kindergartner

Richard ReschCorrespondent ISeptember 23, 2009

IRVING, TX - OCTOBER 21: Flozell Adams #76 of the Dallas Cowboys stands on the field during the game against the Minnesota Vikings at Texas Stadium on October 21, 2007 in Irving, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

What more is there to say about Flozell Adams' "bush league" tripping penalty that injured Justin Tuck?

...I better choose my words carefully.

The play, in which Adams tripped Justin Tuck after he had been beaten by him, is symbolic of Adams as a player.

Not only is he dirty, he's overrated too.

But how can an offensive lineman be among the league leaders in penalties year in and year out and still make the pro bowl five times?

He made ESPN's "All Flag Team" in 2007, and is constantly considered by many to be one of the most overrated players in the NFL. When you type "Flozell Adams" into Google, one of the suggestions is "Flozell Adams Penalties." Even Cowboys fans are tired of him.

And this isn't the first time he's attempted to trip a defender.


Tuck said it's not the first time Adams has resorted to tripping, and he hopes the league will take a look at the play.

In fact, Adams was fined $12,500 for tripping Tuck, and for kicking Osi Umenyiora in the fourth quarter.

Sure, he's talented. But part of the reason he's getting these penalties, usually holding or false starts, is because his man is beating him or because he is so worried that his man is going to beat him that he jumps early.

Causing penalties is not so good. Getting beaten by your man is not so good.

Not so good = no pro bowl.

Please don't allow this 340 pound fraud to be honored with another free trip to Hawaii (or Miami this year), in place of someone more deserving, so that he can inhale an entire roasted pig (except for the apple in its mouth) and drink virgin pina coladas on the beach out of a hollowed out coconut.

The $12,500 fine is chump change for a man making $55-million, and it won't stop him from pulling another classless move like this in the future.

As if his actions aren't bad enough, Adams is too stubborn to apologize, and too dumb to know he's being criticized. Via the San Antonio Express-News:

Flozell Adams says his leg whip wasn't the reason Giants DL Justin Tuck injured his shoulder during the second quarter of Sunday night's game.

"He said he hurt his shoulder. I'm like, well, stay up," Adams said. "That's all I know. He fell down. Stay up."

Seriously? "He fell down? " So, like a child, you're going to deny that you even tripped him?


"I didn't see nothing," Adams said late Sunday. "Did you see something?"

I guess that answers my question. Video evidence is inconsequential to a 34 year old kindergartner.

Be a man, accept the penalty, apologize, and move on to next week's game, where you will, no doubt, incur more false starts and holding penalties.

It takes a big man to take responsibility for his actions, and you're as big as they come. You didn't get the nickname "The Hotel" for being kind and accommodating.

Via the San Antonio Express-News:

Told that Tuck said the trip was "bush league," Adams said, "Bush? What does that mean. I've never ever heard that term."

(If you were wondering, Adams got his "education" at Michigan State.)

Hey Flo, do you understand what this means: your penalty wiped away a 36 yard gain. Three plays later, your quarterback threw an interception, which eventually led to a Giants touchdown.

If only you had done your job and blocked your man like a five-time pro-bowler should, you would have won the game.

You cost your team the game. Have you ever heard of that term?

There, I restrained myself.