* Baseball's “urban dictionary”

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* Baseball's “urban dictionary”

From the eclectic PitchersndPoets site comes the “Rogue’s Baseball Index,” a sort of urban dictionary about the national pastime.

RBI is divided into several categories, including entries about players, fans, management, media, et al.

A random entry:

The George Will is a hyper-intellectualized fan who gets so caught up in the history and legend and metaphysics of Baseball that he loses site of the fact that it is merely a game. His bible is a certain Ken Burns documentary. What he lacks in physical ability he makes up for in over-analysis. He has lost all capacity to even perform the simple act of cheering on a team or player. He finds the famous James Earl Jones speech from Field of Dreams representative of a worthy sentiment, but lacking the subtlety to really grasp baseball’s true aura. To the George Will, it’s so much more complex than that.

The George Will is best captured in George F. Will’s Sports Machine, a 1980s SNL sketch featuring Dana Carvey as The George Will and Jon Lovitz as Tommy Lasorda.

Examples of The George Will:

  • George F. Will
  • Stephen Jay Gould

IMHO, the SNL sketch was not one of the show’s moe popular skits.

I wonder if the Rogue’s Baseball Index will be included as an addendum in the next edition of the Dickson Baseball Dictionary.

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