Autographed Todd Heap Mini-Helmet Up For Grabs

ExtremeRavens .comCorrespondent ISeptember 23, 2009

As ExtremeRavens continues to celebrate it’s fifth birthday, Dan and I have decided to add a little spice to our blog. We’re looking for a person to make the 500th comment here at One Winning Drive. Comments can’t be fluff, must be relevant to the blog entry and (of course) can’t be spam. So, who’s gonna win this very easy contest? It’s up to you! And to make things interesting, the winner will be entered into a second contest where the winner could score tickets to a 2010 Ravens game!

In response to Tim’s comment… we aren’t particularly close. Under 100 total comments at present. But that will only change one way. And keep in mind, this contest is to get actual responses. We know you all read this blog, and we want to hear your thoughts and feedback on what we’re writing. The contest is enticing you to do so.

Best of luck!