Singapore GP: Crash Course!!

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Singapore GP: Crash Course!!
(Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

Here we go again... F1 racing at Singapore!! 


After a dramatic race last year & even more dramatic events of last few weeks we have a clear idea what one needs to win in Singapore... just a crash at the right place & at the right time can pretty much win you the race... of course if it's only possible if your team mate is willing to lend a helping hand... but with few rookies racing this year, we would prolly get more than one crash anyways & with rain expected throughout the weekend ... i don't think they will have to try hard to hit any of the walls nearby.... but this time it's going to much difficult for anyone to predict ... who will crash when and on what lap... which corner... maybe they might crash into another car.. 

So guys who will win this one? and what should be the pit-stop strategy? 


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