Arsenal Wenger: "Heard Nothing, Saw Nothing"

Muhammad Umar JawedCorrespondent ISeptember 23, 2009

West Bromwich Albion manager Roberto Di Matteo claimed Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere used "insulting" language towards his winger Jerome Thomas, during the 2-0 Carling Cup third round victory, though, Arsène Wenger claimed to be deaf to it.

Wenger's selective sight when his players are involved in controversy is well known, but the Frenchman added deafness to his list of touchline ailments, speaking with his tongue firmly in his cheek.

"I don't know what happened," Wenger said. "My eyes are not great and my ears are even worse! I couldn't hear anything from the touchline. But I don't know. It looked like Thomas responded, reacted, and in these cases you always need to control your nerves."

"Has he any excuses or not, I don't know," Wenger added. "But Jack was upset as well. He said he was kicked."

Di Matteo, too, accepted that Thomas' violent reaction to Wilshere's behaviour made his dismissal inevitable, but was equally certain in where the blame laid for the incident.

"My player went to shake the Arsenal player's hand and he refused," Di Matteo said. "There was an exchange of words, and then there was a reaction.

"I'm disappointed that Wilshere didn't accept his hand," Di Matteo continued. "He wanted to help him get up, actually. He's a fellow colleague. But, anyway, that's part of the game."

"I'm very proud of my players and my team. I'm not disappointed in my player. There was an exchange of words and he reacted. He reacted to what was said, something insulting."