OK, The Giants Are Good But Are They Good Enough?

john kayaContributor ISeptember 23, 2009

ARLINGTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 20:  Wide receiver Steve Smith #12 of the New York Giants dives for a touchdown against Gerald Sensabaugh #43 of the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium on September 20, 2009 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Well I'll start off saying this....G-men are undefeated so far and you cant argue with that right?.......right. The much maligned and talked about receiving corps was obviously over exaggerated. Having not one, but two receivers in the top 5 in the league in that category is a pleasent surprise to say the least.

 Steve Smith who i used to call Mr. 3rd down is so much more now. And Mario Manningham is a rising star no doubt about that. I think its safe to say he has moved up the depth chart in front of Domenik Hixon who in my opinion should be returning kickoffs anyway. Im sure alot of people agree with that. And when Nicks comes back from his sprained ankle watch out cuz this kid will be the real deal.

And dont worry about the running game or lackthereof Giant fans. Teams will soon have to start paying attention to our areal attack or continue to get torched by Eli and co. They cant keep stacking the box for too long. With our o-line and the likes of B.J and Bradshaw we will be controlling the time of possesion game once again.

Ok enough of this positive crap...............whatsup with the run defense? Right now the Giants are ranked at a deadly 29th overall in that dept. 29th??????? Not what we are used to around here. Especially with that hyped up front 7 we supposedly have. But i am still holding out hope that its just a matter of getting our ducks in order because I dont see that stat staying the same. I think thats a product of felix Jones and Marion Barber each ripping off a huge run each in Sunday nights game more than anything but well see.

We have a top 5 secondary though! Cory Webster is one of the best in the league. Remember his first couple of years? We almost labeled him a bust. Kenny Phillips had two int's, one went for a pick six. And im really liking what im seeing out of Terrell Thomas so far. These USC kids are pretty good huh?

Listen this article is gonna be a short one cuz it's 3:00 am and Im starting to fade out but Im gonna say this...... If this team stays healthy.......IF. Which for every team out there it's bout being lucky more than anything else, this team can make ALOT of noise come January. Not too many glaring weaknesses really and one of the most well coached teams out there. We all know that the coaching staff in football has the most influence towards the out come of the game out of all the 4 major sports.

And if were not 5-0 after our next home game that will be a big dissapointment for sure. But for right now Im happy the Giants are sitting alone on top of the division with two HUGE divisional wins, one against Dallas and Jerry Jones. Sorry to ruin the party Mr. Jones..................hahaha. Oh and the Giants will be playing in Miami in february!!! So yes, they are good enough!!!!