Weekly Update: Week 3

Bleacher ReportContributor ISeptember 20, 2009

And why not? A week following a rather unexciting weekend of college football, where most of the favorites pulled out easy victories, and little shakeup was seen in the rankings, even the most old-school and staunch of college football followers must have been expecting some sort of realignment to come from this weekend.

Recent history has probably readied us for the constant jumble that early season college football brings us almost every year, and this past weekend was no different.

It all started rather early, as Washington, who just before last week’s victory, had been riding at 15 game losing streak, decided to turn their attack all the way up, and shocked the USC Trojans 16-13.

Just a week ago, it seemed the Trojans were ready to reclaim their spot in the BCS National Championship game after a great come-from-behind victory over the Buckeyes of Ohio State, but the shocking loss sent the Trojans tumbling in the standings and may have once again dashed their hopes for a national title.

BYU, who also had high hopes of playing for a national title, hoping to break the six BCS conference strangle hold on the event, also fell hard, but in their case, much much harder, 54-28 to a very hard hitting Florida State squad.

This allowed a large collection of teams to take jumps up the standings, especially Miami, who after defeating Georgia Tech on the national Thursday night broadcast, skyrocketed into the top tens across the board.

Most of the teams behind the Trojans also took steps up towards the top, but nothing too shocking. Boise State replaces BYU as the mid-major of the hour, as they make a top ten appearance once again, cementing themselves as mid-major darlings of the nation on a permanent basis.

You can find a projected top eight BCS standings at BCSKnowHow.com!

LSU and Mississippi get a lot of help in BCS Know How’s Projected BCS because of the strength of their future schedule in SEC, which will likely be very big when it comes around to Novemeber. That puts four teams of the top eight from the SEC, which may change once SEC conference play hits its stride.


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