Michigan Wolverines: Life Without Tate Forcier's Arm?

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Michigan Wolverines: Life Without Tate Forcier's Arm?
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Over the first three games, Michigan's three reserve quarterbacks have completed two of 12 passes for 18 yards and three interceptions. That's a 25 percent interception rate.

Do these numbers reflect QB rushing success? No.

Do they reflect a full game of play? No.

But they do reflect a really poor passing effort on behalf of our backups. Period.

To date, Coach Rodriguez has publicly expressed confidence in the passing ability of all of his quarterbacks. (Frankly, he doesn't have a choice given the lack of depth.) But he can't really be happy with their efforts in the passing game.

It's becoming increasingly clear to game observers that there is a growing disconnect between the veracity of his statements and the actual passing performances of the backup quarterbacks. Last weekend was supposed to be the time we saw some green shoots. That didn't happen.

It's not time to sound the alarm bells just yet. But if the other QBs don't show tangible signs of improvement in the passing game (this weekend will be their best chance in the foreseeable future), we're just one injury away from backsliding toward...well...I won't even say it.

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