Bearcats and Gators BCS #1 &#2..Zany Isn't It?

Nathan PoseyContributor ISeptember 22, 2009

A three pointer is drained and the Cincinnati Bearcats are in another NCAA Basketball Championship hunt!

That's the usual thought around college athletics when one thinks of The University of Cincinnati athletically. But a funny thing has happened in that search for NCAA superiority, it looks like a football....really!

Not one, but two major sports reporting entities are touting Big East representative Cincinnati as a projected participant in this years BCS National title game against Florida. Another basketball tradition school.

Both Colege and featured articles pitting the two to battle for the crown.

Just a few years ago, no-one wanted UC football tickets so the athletic department made football tickets a pre-requisite for basketball season tickets.

Basketball is not what it used to be in Cincinnati lately and neither is football.

But at least in football, a national championship in football is more likely.

Don't be surprised if the Bearcats have their eyes on the prize!!!