Nothing On My Mind But Georgia

Michael HamburgContributor ISeptember 22, 2009

After a quiet bye week the whole Devil fan base was looking forward to Louisiana Monroe.  Everyone one on campus was not over looking this “trap game” against the Warhawks because two years ago they upset Alabama.  After a decent victory over Louisiana Monroe talks stopped about this Sunbelt team and instantly Georgia was on every students mind.  Next stop Athens, Georgia, and every student on campus seemed focused on this SEC powerhouse.  Yes Georgia has lost their two key players in Stafford and Moreno but they still are very well coached and looking to go three and one in the hardest conference in division one football.  Everyone remembers last year when the Bulldogs came into Tempe and dominated us, so look for the Devils to seek revenge.  I was talking to one of my professors who actually canceled class on Friday to go to Georgia to see the game.  Now that’s dedication.  After talking to a couple of die hard fans who are actually traveling to go see the game, they feel confident with our defense and think we can actually get a win this week.  There is going to be Georgia red all over the stadium but the Devil’s gold will definitely leave its mark and stand out. This week the Devils have a normal practice schedule but they are leaving on Thursday to get adjusted to the time difference.   Now that the controversy with Vontaze Burfict is over and he is cleared to play expect him to play a huge role on our smash mouth defense for Arizona State.   He has electrifying speed and hits like a machine.  Arizona state has the number one ranked defense in the country after two games so we will see if it holds up against the Bulldogs.  After speaking to some of the players they all seemed focused and confident for Georgia.  Even though our Lou Groza award-winning kicker Thomas Webber didn’t play this week, look for him to come out kicking strong in Athens.  Even though we haven’t faced a Pac-ten team yet we are looking strong to finish at least in the top four.  Now that USC has been beaten and dethroned look for other teams to strive off of that.  It is a wide-open conference and it is now anyone’s for the taking.  LETS GET A WIN IN ATHENS and COME HOME! I will be back with another article sometime during this week.