Beat Mike Week 3 (Season 11)

Mike DiMauroSenior Writer ISeptember 22, 2009

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - SEPTEMBER 20:  Mark Sanchez #6 of the New York Jets walks on the field with the game ball after defeating the New England Patriots at Giants Stadium on September 20, 2009 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
Beat Mike
Season 11, Week 3
Hello everyone! Welcome to Week 3. That was a crazy week in the NFL, huh? As I was doing the standings, I noticed that most of you got below 10 right. For most, this week has not been a good week. Also, I noticed this on Sunday, but my picks did not copy from one of the leagues that I belonged to on Yahoo! to my own league on Yahoo! Despite the fact that I did play, my picks will count this week because I did play in the other league & on and I do have a copy of my picks written on paper. Remember this everyone, our season does not end on Week 17, like everyone else. Our season has 5 more weeks and this includes the Pro Bowl (yes, the Pro Bowl is before the Superbowl and it will count). Just because you play by Yahoo!, Facebook or e-mail, does not mean that you are the winner by Week 17. I include everyone that plays the game, no matter what form they play and we have our playoffs during the NFL playoffs (including Pro Bowl). I am hoping that Week 3 will be better for everyone! Let's play Week 3:
Cleveland @ Baltimore (CBS)
Atlanta @ New England (Fox)
San Francisco @ Minnesota (Fox)
Jacksonville @ Houston (CBS)
Tennessee @ New York Jets (CBS)
Kansas City @ Philadelphia (CBS)
Green Bay @ St. Louis (Fox)
New York Giants @ Tampa Bay (Fox)
Washington @ Detroit (Fox)
New Orleans @ Buffalo (Fox)
Chicago @ Seattle (Fox)
Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati (CBS)
Miami @ San Diego (CBS)
Denver @ Oakland (CBS)
Indianapolis @ Arizona (NBC)
Carolina @ Dallas (ESPN; MONDAY NIGHT)
Deadline: Sunday, September 27 @ 12:55PM ET
NOTE #1: The TN-NYJ game was supposed to be played at 4:15PM ET, but it will be played at 1PM ET because of the start of Yom Kippur.
NOTE #2: The TN-NYJ game is in red text because it is going to be an AFL Legacy Game to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the AFL.
1. Remember folks, this Saturday is the Walk Now for Autism at Stanley Park in Westfield, MA. If you wish to walk, please e-mail me at or my co-captain, Jessie Williams at Our team is called Mike's Pals. We will also have walk teams for October 18 at Suffolk Downs in Boston and November 14 at Cranes Root Park in Altamonte Springs, FL.
2. IT IS NOT TOO LATE FOR you to play Beat Mike or to have your friends to play Beat Mike. I am still allowing people to play Beat Mike and since we have below 32 players, we will have everyone in the playoffs, unless the total number of players go up to 48.
Tiffany Carter23
Eric Middleton*23
Jason Carter22
The Oconomowoc Octane22
9/11 Was An Inside Job*22
Creeping Death22
Lights Out22
Monz's Picks22
Dave Stewart21
Jordan Thompson*21
KC Ballas21
Marx Bros.21
Brian LaValley21
Green Mojaves*21
Brian Foss21
Chris Saul20
Cobra's Locks & Shocks20
Kevin Payne20
Mike DiMauro20
Woody's Rule19
Steve Kuchera*16
Taz's Picks16
Amy Stokowski16
Good Luck in Week 3 everyone!
Mike DiMauro