Draymond Green Calls Out Reporter for Tweets About Warriors Disrespecting Jazz

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterDecember 1, 2015

Ben Margot/Associated Press

The Golden State Warriors pulled out a close one Monday night with a 106-103 road win against the Utah Jazz.

The three-point margin was the snuggest scoreline the Warriors have allowed all season, and after the game, it was one writer's opinion that Golden State could've shown the Jazz more respect.

This writer is Salt City Hoops' Ben Dowsett, who tweeted that the Warriors were laughing at the Jazz's expense before and during postgame media availability.

Specifically, Dowsett claimed that Steph Curry and Draymond Green laughed at a pro-Jazz television broadcast in the visitors' locker room before speaking with media.

According to Dowsett, the broadcast showed a fan tweet about how the Jazz were playing like champs, prompting Green and Curry to crack up.

Jazz center Rudy Gobert seems to have taken Dowsett's tweets to heart.

Green, however, would beg to differ with this information.

The Warriors forward responded to Dowsett's remarks Tuesday with a string of tweets calling him out for making stuff up.

Green also accused Dowsett of mad corniness—a capital offense.

And then other Warriors joined in:

For what it's worth, Green was nothing but complimentary of the Jazz in his latest Uninterrupted segment with Bleacher Report on Tuesday.

As for Dowsett's allegations, this is one of those areas of journalism where utility and relevance are in the eye of the beholder.

As a credentialed reporter, you are allowed to just stand around in the locker room during media availability. Sure, you'll look like a narc, but you are allowed to do so. The real issue here is whether or not candid locker room reactions are worth tweeting about.

Does the utility of what you're reporting override the potential fallout? Does it outweigh the need for corroboration? Or are you just being, like, mad corny right now?

It's a judgement call writers have to make. But suffice it to say, if Draymond Green's name is in your tweets, he will find you. And he will execute.

Dan is on Twitter. He has a theory that Draymond is actually Pit Bull from the Player Hater's Ball.