Turnovers Turnovers Turnovers!!

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Turnovers Turnovers Turnovers!!

It sure makes it tough to win football games when the other team gets to have more possessions than they should and this is becoming a problem for the Cougars.

In Coach Mendenhall’s first year as a head coach we addressed this issue every day in practice.  For the offense it was “Ball Security.”  For the defense it was Turnover Drills.  The focus on both sides of the ball being, Turnovers play a HUGE roll in games, especially against tough opponents.

BYU is 3-2 in their last 5 games and they given up the ball a staggering 19 times in those 5 games.  That is almost 4 turnovers a game.  The only reason why they won three of them is because in those three wins the defense caused 5 turnovers and in two of the games we were playing very inferior teams.

When we play equal or better competition we are turning the ball over WAY TOO MUCH.  6 against Utah, 3 against Arizona, 4 against Oklahoma, and 5 against Florida State.

For as bad as our defense played on Saturday, our offense really didn’t help by giving FSU 5 more chances.

I am sure that Coach Mendenhall is aware of what is going on.  Turnovers is one of the 3 Pillars of Winning.  I just hope that the players really focus in and put the time into doing what they need to, to get better and HOLD ON TOT HE FOOTBALL!

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