Hot Off The Press: Week Three Power Rankings

The RantCorrespondent ISeptember 22, 2009

ARLINGTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 20:  Quarterback Eli Manning #10 of the New York Giants drops back to pass against the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium on September 20, 2009 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Some big movers in this weeks edition. Eli Manning and the Giants take the top spot after defeating the Cowboys. The Ravens defeated a great Charger team while the Bears knocked off the Super Bowl Champs.


Rank            (Previous)            Team            Record         Comments                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
1            3            Giants            2-0            The Giants squeaked by the Cowboys but did Eli Manning look good. The Giants did not run the ball particularly well but the offense moved the ball through the air and the defense is one of the top in the league. The banged up secondary also tore apart Tony Romo.

2            6            Ravens            2-0            Although the Ravens defense was eaten alive by Phillip Rivers, Baltimore was able to come away with a victory on the road. The Ravens offense kept up with the high powered Chargers. Willis McGahee proved he is back to form. Although the defense was scored on often, Ray Lewis made a critical tackle late in the game to preserve the victory.

3            5            Colts            2-0            Peyton Manning was on the sidelines for most of the night but when he was in he was able to make things happen. Dallas Clark went off with the absence of Anthony Gonzalez. The run defense looked bad at times but good teams find ways to win.

4            8            Falcons            2-0            Matt Ryan continues to impress more and more each week. The acquisition of Tony Gonzalaz is clearly working out for the Falcons as he caught all 7 passes that he was targeted. Michael Turner picked up on his slow start last week rushing for over 100 yards. The defense was able to force two turnovers on the turnover prone Panthers.
5            13            Saints            2-0            This offense is electrifying; Drew Brees cannot be stopped. Marques Colstan made two nice touchdown grabs and the Saints got a good contribution from all of their receivers. The defense still allowed nearly 400 yards passing to Kevin Kobb but when you score so many points it isn't as much of a problem.

6            1            Steelers            1-1            After the first series the Steelers did not look like the same team. The loss of Troy Polamalu is bigger than expected as his replacement Tyrone Carter was scored on twice. The rush defense held Matt Forte to 2.2 yards per carry. The Steelers offense failed to establish the run but Ben Roesthlisberger is looking just as sharp as ever.

7            7            Chargers            1-1            San Diego lost a close one at home vs the Ravens. Phillip Rivers had a career game throwing for over 436 yards but had two costly interceptions. Vincent Jackson was targeted seven times, catching six of them for 141 yards. Sproles is a gamer; his speed on the field creates major matchup problems for defenses.          
8            9            Minnesota            2-0            Things looked tough in the first half but for the second week in a row the Vikings rode Adrian Peterson in the second half. Favre and Harvin look like they have a special connection. Chad Greenway had two interceptions on Matthew Stafford.

9            17            Jets            2-0            Its official: the Jets are a dangerous team this season. New York was able to make Tom Brady look average for most of the game. Mark Sanchez was only three for five in the first half but was able to turn it around in the second half. The Jets defense is the difference maker this season; they held the Patriots touchdown less and contained Randy Moss. This team is a clone of Ryans former team the Baltimore Ravens.

10            2            Patriots            1-1            Tom Brady did not look like the old Tom Brady in this one. The Patriots were without Wes Welker and it showed. The Patriots were unable to move the ball and never really caught a rhythm. The defense looks like is missing Mayo and Seymour. Expect this team to be back next week.

11            16            Bears            1-1            The Bears responded with a win against the defending champions. Jay Cutler's arm strength is absolutely incredible as he was able to make every throw with the rush in his face. Matt Forte struggled for the second week in a row. This was a huge win as Chicago fans were beginning to panic.

12            4            Eagles            1-1            The Eagles looked like they were definitely missing Donovan McNabb as they were unable to go touchdown for touchdown with the Saints. The defense was unable to contain Drew Brees and the explosive passing attack.

13            18            49ers            2-0            Frank Gore became the first player since Barry Sanders in 1997 to have two runs of 75+ yards on his way to 207 rushing yards. The 49er run defense held the Seahawks to 2.9 yards per carry on the ground. Shaun Hill is a game manager making accurate throws, minimizing turnovers.

14            12            Cowboys            1-1            Tony Romo did not look like the Tony Romo of week one. Marion Barber needs to stay healthy but Felix Jones will be ready to go if Barber is unable to play. The secondary needs to step up right away.

15            21            Texans            1-1            The Texans looked much better this week even though Slaton failed to impress on the ground again. Matt Schuab looked very good despite struggling with an injury. Andre Johnson is monster destroying the Titans secondary. Rookie Brian Cushing was all over the field for the Texans defense.          
16            11            Packers            1-1            The Packers defense took a few steps back this week against the Bengals, who face the top two 3-4 teams four times a year. Charles Woodson is thriving in the 3-4 defense as he led the team in tackles, 10, and had two interceptions, one for a touchdown.

17            14            Cardinals            1-1            Kurt Warner looked much better this week than last week completing 24 of 26 passes including his first 15 and broke the NFL record for completion percentage. Larry Fitzgerald was held in check for most of the game. The defense played very well holding the Jags to only three points through nearly three quarters.

18            10            Titans            0-2            Another close one for the Titans, who could be 2-0 but are looking at 0-2 in the standings. The game vs the Texans was ferocious as tempers were flaring but again the Titan pass defense failed allowing Matt Schuab to throw for 357 yards and four touchdowns. Andre Johnson was toying with Corbin Finnegan throughout the game. The run defense again played very well but this team has problems.

19            19            Bills            1-1            Trent Edwards played well in the win vs the Buccs. Running back Fred Jackson had a huge game giving Bills fans some hope when Marshawn Lynn returns.

20            27            Bengals            1-1            Cincinnati played much better this week against a stingy Packer defense. Palmer was inconsistent but overall he has to play well for the Bengals to be successful. Cedric Benson finally appears to be the Bengals answer at running back. This team can easily be 2-0

21            20            Panthers            0-2            Much better game for Jake Delhomme but clearly anything less than four interceptions would be. Delhomme threw for over 300 yards including 130 to Steve Smith. The Panthers could have road their run game a bit more than they did but clearly this team is searching for an identity.          
22            26            Broncos            2-0            The Broncos were able to take it to the lowly Browns this week. The Broncos are moving the ball without much help of Brandon Marshall. The defense has been very stingy in the first two wins of the season. The boos were loud when Kyle Orton made bad decisions; the Jay Cutler hangover is still lingering and it wont go away unless the Broncos keep winning.

23            15            Seahawks            1-1            Matt Hasselbeck went down with an injury during the game; that doesn't give much hope to the Seahawks hopes this season. The running game failed to get anything going in the loss to the 49ers. Again this team needs to get healthy and stay healthy for this team to succeed.
24            22            Dolphins            0-2            Tony Sparanos game plan was simple; keep Peyton Manning off the field. The Fins held the ball for over 45 minutes but it wasn’t enough to stop Peyton and co. Horrible clock management in the last three minutes of the game. What in the world were the Dolphins thinking?
25            24            Raiders            1-1            Again if there is a true weakness on this team it is JaMarcus Russel; he is absolutely horrible at times. Richard Seymour wasn’t as dominant as he was in week one but the former pro-bowler, along with Greg Ellis, is helping this defense tremendously. Nnamdi Asomugh presence on the field is ridiculous, the one play he was out the Chiefs scored. Michael Huff is very impressive this season recording 3 interceptions, two more than in his previous three seasons.
26            25            Redskins            1-1            The Redskins are bad lets face it. The offense did not play very well against a team that allowed 28 points to the Seahawks last week. The Redskins defense played well keeping Steven Jackson in check besides a 58 yard run. Jim Zorn needs to get something going fast or its going to be a very long season.          
27            23            Jaguars            0-2            Another rough one for this Jaguars team. Maurice Jones Drew isn’t getting enough carries to prove his worth and Garrard is still struggling to throw the ball downfield. The defense was able to contain Larry Fitzgerald but Kurt Warner picked the team apart.

28            28            Buccaneers            0-2            The Bucs finally calmed down but it was too late as they were already down 17-0. The Bccs were horrible on third down converting only 25 percent. Fred Jackson torched the Bucs on the ground as well.

29            29            Chiefs            0-2            Kansas City is pretty bad. They might be worse than the Lions, might is the key word. Matt Cassel struggled for most of the game despite a touchdown to Dwayne Bowe late in the fourth quarter. Bobby Wade proved to be a valuable asset to the Chief passing attack.          
30            31            Rams            0-2            Besides Steven Jackson, Laurent Robinson and Donnie Avery, there aren’t many playmakers on this offense. The defense held Clinton Portis in check and the Redskins without a touchdown.

31            30            Browns            0-2            Good news is Braylon Edwards had one of his best games in the last two seasons but the bad news is that the Browns offense is horrendous. This is a very bad football team that doesn’t appear to be getting any better anytime soon.

32            32            Lions            0-2            Detroit had some things going during the first half especially containing Adrian Peterson. Running back Kevin Smith ran the ball better after struggling last week. Matthew Stafford threw two more interceptions giving him five to one touchdown to Calvin Johnson. When this team finally wins a game they will move up the list.                                                                                                                                 

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