Peyton Manning's Historic Game Leads Colts Past Dolphins on Monday Night

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIISeptember 22, 2009

If only Peyton Manning would have known what he was to face before the Colts squared off against the Dolphins on Monday night.

Let’s say for instance that a voice came to Peyton and revealed what was to come prior to him taking the field.

If the voice were to tell Peyton all of the circumstances he would face, do you think that anyone (Peyton included) would have thought his Colts would have come away with the victory?

The voices tell him...

*You are only going to have possession of the ball for 14 minutes and 53 seconds of the ball game which will limit you to only 23 passing attempts.

*You are going to have to play without your starting receiver Anthony Gonzalez as he will be replaced by two receivers who have a combined nine career receptions, just be aware that both of them will only catch a combined two passes during this upcoming game.

*As far as your running game, they will support you with a grand total of 58 rushing yards as your defense will give up a total of 239 yards on the ground.

*The Dolphins will shut down the man who was the league's leading receiver (Reggie Wayne) by limiting him to only three catches for 37 yards and no touchdowns.

*You will be limited to only 13 offensive plays in the second half.

*You will have to post a perfect quarterback rating (158.3) in the fourth quarter to have any chance of winning.


That to me, would seem almost impossible.

Almost impossible unless of course, you're Peyton Manning.

Despite having possession of the ball for less than one quarter of the entire game, Manning managed to eclipse the 300-yard mark with only 23 passing attempts.

He averaged a staggering 13.2 yards per attempt.

That's yards per attempt; he averaged 21.6 yards per completion.

Manning got off to a quick start by hooking up with Dallas Clark for an 80-yard touchdown on the very first play of the game.

In doing so, he set a record by throwing for the quickest score to open a game in the 40-year history of Monday Night Football.

That's over 650 games and never has a quarterback put points on the board as fast as Manning did Monday night.

Dallas Clark himself should have received the game ball after catching seven passes for (a career high) 183 yards and a touchdown.

If there was ever a way for the Colts to compensate for the loss of Anthony Gonzalez, Dallas Clark proved that it was possible.

The Colts became the first team since 1977 to win a game after only having possession of the ball for under 15 minutes.

1977, back when Michael Jackson was a teenager, Gerald Ford was the President of the United States, and Ric Flair was a young man.

Yet over all of these years, no team has been able to do what the Colts did Monday night.

As for Manning, he's off to another unbelievable start this season.

42 of 61 (68.9 percent) for 604 yards, three touchdowns and one interception.

Quarterback Rating: 110.3

He's the second highest rated quarterback in the league (Drew Brees being a deserved first) and has been able to do so with exceptionally little support coming from his running game.

That makes Manning's achievements all the more impressive as teams know that the Colts' chances ride on his shoulders, and they still haven't been able to stop him.

On Monday night, Peyton Manning surpassed Johnny Unitas to become the Colts’ most winning quarterback in the franchise's 56-year history.

In the process of acquiring this record-breaking victory, Manning led the Colts to a fourth quarter/overtime comeback victory for the 37th time in his career (the most by any quarterback since Manning became active).

If this Monday night proves anything, it's that sometimes dreams really do come true.

But that really should come as little surprise; After all, this is Peyton Manning we’re talking about.