The Swan Song For Lilian Garcia Our Decade Diva

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst ISeptember 21, 2009



It was August 23, 1999 just a little over ten years ago when Lilian Garcia made her debut on Raw in Ames, Iowa.

She was the voice of Raw, her legacy in the WWE is great and their will never be another like her.

I want to take a look back on a great career, from a talented and beautiful lady in Lilian Garcia.

Garcia has been known for her beautiful voice and her great figure in the WWE seeing her opening every contest in the WWE on Raw for a little over ten years.

Garcia has been involved in angle’s with the likes of Jarrett, The Kat, The Fink, Haas, Viscera and Jillian Hall.

She has been humiliated, in love (kayfabe), on top and bottom of some crazy things in her time in the WWE.

I think we all remember about The Rock and Garcia wanted some of The Rock’s strudel but that’s a story for another day.

Lilian Garcia to me will be remembered for her singing the National Anthem on September 13, 2001 two days after 9/11.

Lilian Garcia singing the National Anthem after 9/11

Lilian to me should be the first female ring announcer to be put in the Hall of Fame for her dedication to the WWE and to the fans who she brought to be a smile to especially after 9/11.

She has brought smiles and tears to our eyes and when I think of a song that can put in to words how great she is you don’t have to go any futher than Angel by Lilian Garcia surprisingly.

Angel by Lilian Garcia

Thanks for the memories Lilian you will be missed.