Fan Bashing: Is it Fair to Do?

Jackie MoonCorrespondent IMay 28, 2008

Los Angeles Lakers fans are obnoxious, bandwagon-jumpers, and New England Patriots fans are front-running cheaters.

Everyone knows these things to be true—except, they aren't! Not more than "Jews are cheap", or "Black people like watermelon".

I'm talking about stereotyping, and the last safe bastions to make huge, unfounded generalizations about large groups are sports fan bases.

Never has this been truer than in this age of message boards. The reason? Any fan of "Team A" can look and find one stupid comment posted by one idiotic fan of "Team B", and boom—that one comment will represent the whole fan base of "Team B" in "Team A" fans' minds!

Team B fan: My team is the best team in history! Your team $%=@ sucks! We are going to kill your team! I hope you die!

Team A fan: Team B fans are so ignorant.

This is just one of my pet peeves. If you are looking for an idiotic fan of the team you hate, trust me, you will be able to find one. Right now, there's a moron who roots for the same team as you do that you would probably be ashamed to be associated with.

So, get off your high horse! Your fan base is not the only fan base with "class". I'll bet that your fan base runs the whole gamut of the human spectrum: thoughtful, petty, vindictive, analytical, classy, and crass. You know how I know? Because your fan base is made up of humans, just like mine.

Except for Utah fans. Man, those straight-laced Mormons love their Jazz.

Do you see how stupid I sound with this last one?