We Have The Power, Isnt It About Time We Used It?

Matthew HesterSenior Writer ISeptember 21, 2009


We are the sports fan. It is us who makes sports what they are today; it has and will always be that way. Make no mistake about it we are they key to any athletes success. We are what makes sports history.


When Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's home run record it was made special because of us. If we didn’t care it would be nothing more then a grown man hitting a ball in the air. These moments are larger then life because we as fans make it that way.


Yet somehow we the fans are the ones that are forgotten about. We can no longer afford to take our families to a ball game. The one time bonding ritual between a parent and child is fading away.


How did we ever let it become this way? We have the power to stop it this; it is a simple solution to a simple problem. If we are not their to watch it or support it, then they will be forced to change the corrupt business know as sports.


Somehow though we have become to weak to do this. We are the first to complain about rising tickets. We are also the first to complain that such and such is overpaid. When it comes to doing something about it though, we are no where to be found though.


Todays athletes, just like our athletes from the past, need us, it is not us that needs them. It matters not whether an athlete can run for 300 yards in game. If Kobe scores 200 points in one game it means nothing.


Those moments are made by us not them, the sooner the athletes and owners understand our power, then maybe we can change the mistreatment we receive. If we don’t do anything though, we will be stepped on forever.


We need to stop being feeble and weak minded. It is about time that we all took a stance and let the world know that we wont be stepped on! We can make or break any sport in the world.


We decide what is popular, and we also decide what is shown on TV. So how is it we cannot control how the owners treat us? The fact is we can, we know this and so does the powers that be.


There is know reason that we shouldn't be able to take out family to a ball game. If the owner chooses to build a new stadium, there is no reason we should have to pay for it. If the owner over pays someone, where is it written that we have to have our tickets raised 200%?


We as the sport fan are letting ourselves be hurt. The fact is we have the power to control it but we don’t. We can complain until we are blue in the face, but unless we are willing to make some sacrifices things will never change.


So instead of watching the big game on tv. Take you and your family to collage or high school game. Stop letting yourself be screwed by ticket prices. If the stadiums get empty enough they will get the point!


I know many of you have heard this rant before. That doesn't mean that I am not right though. Maybe if you hear it enough, and do something about the problem, we just might see some changes.


If your content to just sit where you are and let the owners stick it to you. Then you have absolutely no right to complain. Just sit there, shut up, and take it!