Kentucky Fans Support Tayshaun Prince over Rajon Rondo in Celtics-Pistons Series

Jason BourneContributor IMay 28, 2008

Kentucky basketball fans who don't have a horse left in the NBA playoff race certainly support Tayshaun Prince over Rajon Rondo.

Tayshaun Prince is a posterboy for staying in school and finishing a solid college career. Not only did he earn a degree, but he improved his game each of the four years he was there. He posted great numbers in his senior season (17 PPG, 6 RPG) and put together an incredible stat line against Tulsa in the NCAA tournament (41 points, 9 boards, 14-of-21 shooting).

Rajon Rondo isn't exactly the posterboy for leaving early, but who can argue with the situation he is in now. After a mediocre season (11 PPG, 5 APG) Rondo left the Wildcats for the Celtics, where he is now in contention for an NBA title.

Surrounded by superstars, he is in a perfect position as a role player/point guard.  Still, his game, and his decision to leave Kentucky early, leave much to be desired for Wildcats basketball fans.  

No matter how much you like watching Prince and Rondo play into June, it is still just one more reminder that UK Basketball is only four-and-a-half months away.