NFC Power Rankings: Week 2

Richard ReschCorrespondent ISeptember 21, 2009

ARLINGTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 20:  An American flag on the field before a game between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium on September 20, 2009 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

1. Giants (2-0) – They had trouble establishing and stopping the run, but they won a big game against a good team in a tough environment.  The receivers sure don’t look like a weakness to me. (Last Week: 1)

2. Falcons (2-0) – Tony Gonzalez to the Falcons is paying big dividends. Matt Ryan looks like a young Peyton Manning.  Believe the hype. (4)

3. Saints (2-0) – Drew Brees is looking like an early MVP candidate (not really going out on a limb there).  This offense, with everyone healthy, is the best in the league.   I'm a reluctant believer. (7)

4. Vikings (2-0) – Didn't look good trailing 10-0 to the Lions, but they pulled away in the end.  I still want to see how Favre responds to a challenging defense, but it’s important to see that he can win a game when Adrian Peterson doesn’t go bonkers. (3)

5. Eagles (1-1) – This would have been a totally different game if McNabb were healthy. They were torched by the Saints offense, which seems to be a trend so far.  Still, I expected more from their defense. (2)

6. Cowboys (1-1) – They controlled the running game, but couldn’t get anything going through the air.  They struggled to stop Eli Manning when it mattered. (5)

7. Packers (1-1) – After last week's defensive display against the Bears, their effort against the Bengals was a big let down.  Their passing offense should be fine, but how does Greg Jennings go without a reception? (6)

8. 49ers (2-0) – Frank Gore is one of the best, and when the offensive line is opening up holes for him like they did on Sunday (207 yards on 16 carries), the 49ers won’t have to rely on the passing game (which is definitely not a bad thing). (11)

9. Cardinals (1-1) – Kurt Warner had the most efficient game in NFL history (24/26).  As long as he stays healthy, their offense should roll. (12)

10. Bears (1-1) – Perhaps a season-saving win over the defending champion Steelers. Jay Cutler showed why he’s worth so many draft picks, converting twice on two big red zone touchdowns.  I’m still not sold on them without Brian Urlacher. (13)

11. Panthers (0-2) – After his last two games (25/41, 308, 1 TD, 1 INT), this should be considered an MVP-type performance by Jake Delhomme.  They kept it close against the Falcons, so I expect them to start winning some games. (8)

12. Seahawks (1-1) – Defense could do nothing to stop Frank Gore.  If Matt Hasselbeck is out for a while, it could mean another top ten pick for the Seahawks next April. (10)

13. Redskins (1-1) – Ugly performance against a bad Rams team.  They won, but I’ve become really concerned about this offense.  They could muster up only three field goals. (9)

14. Buccaneers (0-2) – It's tough to win when your offensive line allows the QB to get hit this often, especially when he has to attempt 50 passes a game.  Byron Leftwich was hit 12 times this Sunday, but it probably felt like closer to 100 for him. (14)

15. Rams (0-2) – The Rams offense moved the ball inside the Redskins’ ten yard line three times, and came away with a total of seven points for the game.  That’s a bad team. (15)

16. Lions (0-2) – They played the Vikings tough, but they can't afford to turn the ball over three times against a quality opponent.  Some promising young players give fans reason for hope. (16)