Raiders Pull Out Messy Win in Arrowhead... Good Things Ahead?

Sean ChisickContributor ISeptember 21, 2009

The Oakland Raiders did something this past Sunday that they have had problems doing over the past few years... They won a close game! Jamarcuss Russell looked horrible, the offensive couldn't get any sort of push and the only bright points truly came from Michael Huff!! The man who was seventh overall in 2006 and has been in the doghouse for most of the last two seasons! Can we say someone is playing for his football career?! 

Russell is becoming the most frustrating quaterback to watch in the National Football League. He has that rocket arm which we get to see perform some amazing feats but they are so few and far between you have to be wondering what more can be done to make him better! Al Davis has brought in veteran coaches and players to try to help this young kid but at some point you have to wonder if there are any plans to pull the plug on this experiment. 

Luckily for Jamarcus there are no proven quaterbacks on the 2010 free agent list so he can feel safe with his job security for now but you have to wonder if Al Davis doesn't have some sort of plan in his mind for what to do with this quaterback who has so much potential but just can't turn it into complete success. The only reason I don't just simply say success is because every once in awhile, Jamarcuss leads these Oakland Raiders to that much coveted W.