Cha Seung Baek: Seattle Mariners Trade Struggling Pitcher

Braden MooreAnalyst IMay 28, 2008

The Seattle Mariners traded struggling pitcher Cha Seung Baek to the San Diego Padres for AA reliever Jared Wells.

Baek had been held onto by the Mariners for several years as he showed a skill for being a spot starter when needed.  However, at the end of last year and the beginning of this year, he seemed to have lost his touch.

Baek was out of options, so if the Mariners wanted him off the roster, they were forced to get whatever they could for him.

On Padres' GM Paul DePodesta's blog, he said that they have had their eye on Baek for a while.

"We believe Baek is a very good strike-thrower with all of his pitches (fastball, curveball, slider, and changeup), which keeps hitters off balance and makes him effective. Our scouts also believe that he pitched a little better than his ERA would indicate from last year," DePodesta said in response to the trade.

Baek has a chance to succeed in San Diego's spacious Petco Park, although probably will never be much more than an average major league pitcher.

There is not much to say about Wells, he is a minor league arm that probably is destined to stay there.  At this point, the Mariners simply had to accept whatever they could for Baek.