Week 3 - Poll Watching

Paul SalmanSenior Analyst ISeptember 21, 2009


College Football Polls are always a topic that is up for debate. However I am hearing many say that Penn State at 5 is overrated (Along with Ole Miss at #4). While this may be true, as Penn State has not played anyone who has really tested them as of yet, it's funny to hear this coming from writers who actually do the voting.


Here is what Stewart Mandel of http://www.si.com/ has to say:

Poll Watching


Overrated: No. 4 Ole Miss and No. 5 Penn State


It's not impossible the Rebels and/or Nittany Lions boast top five teams; I just don't know how one could tell. Ole Miss to date boasts blowouts of Memphis and Southeast Louisiana, while Penn State has beaten up on Akron, Syracuse and Temple. The only reason these teams remain ranked ahead of more accomplished teams like Cal and Miami is because they started that way.


Again, his opinion is not wrong because Penn State and Ole Miss have yet to prove how they match up against more formidable opponents. Penn State has that chance this week against Iowa.


My problem is that Mandel votes in the AP polls, which most agree should not start until week four or five. I would love to hear where he has Penn State and Ole Miss ranked.


He then continues his article below with his BCS projections:

Current BCS forecast

Each week, I'll update my projected BCS lineup (as necessary) based on the latest week's games.

Title game: Florida vs. Texas

Rose: Cal vs. Penn State
Fiesta: Oklahoma vs. Boise State
Sugar: Alabama vs. Cincinnati
Orange: Miami vs. USC



So although he believes Penn State is overrated at five, he has The Nittany Lions winning the Big Ten and going to a second straight Rose Bowl. Seems a little hypocritical if you ask me.



Till then, lets watch and enjoy and see how the games play out before we can really judge where these teams rank.



One thing we can agree on is that Miami is a team to watch in the polls as they have shot up into the top 10 with their impressive wins against ranked opponents. They were also helped by Florida State (Who Miami beat on the road two weeks ago) beating BYU this weekend. Miami is probably the only team thus far that has proven much of anything.