Is God a Cubs Fan?

Joe WillettSenior Writer IMay 28, 2008

First of all, I'd like to thank Sean Crowe for the picture idea. He doesn't know it, but I kinda sorta stole it from his profile picture.

But anyway, back to the matter at hand:

Are the Holy Ones draped in Cubbie blue?

It seems so. Let's take a look at the divine intervention that seems to be coming for the Cubs this season.

First of all, there has gotta be something behind the Cubs being World Series contenders in their 100th season.

This is either the coming of the apocalypse or Jesus working his magic after taking a break for a few decades.

Okay, a century.

Then, take a look at my personal favorite case in point...Alfonso Soriano.

He was awful. Soriano was playing like a man possessed; not the good kind of possessed where they have great skills, but Exorcist possessed. He wasn't hitting a thing.

But then God went "Devil Be GONE," but Soriano got hurt in the process.  Afterwards, he has been great and I can only assume it's been divine intervention.

Kerry Wood has been extremely healthy all season and hasn't really made any major mistakes.

Come on, are you a believer yet?

Apparently God also has a sense of humor, as he has sent the Cubs two players with last names perfectly tailored for lovely nicknames.

First, there is Ryan Theriot, otherwise known as "The Riot." Get it.

Finally, we have Kosuke Fukudome.  I won't go into detail of what that becomes because of the children, but for fun enough minds, you can add a few spaces and see what you can make. (I'm sure somebody will leave a comment with it.)

I really think that God didn't like what Sammy was doing and decided to give the Cubs a few years of bad play as revenge for that debacle, but now, He is back rooting for the North Siders where he belongs.

Don't worry God, now that you got the BoSox their long awaited title, we don't mind you coming and working your magic.

We know that you won't be seen at games because your supposed to love all equally, but we know in your heart of hearts who you're rooting for. That's fine, we won't tell.

Unless they read this article, then your secret is pretty much out.

I'm Joe W.