Michigan Wolverines' Defensive Adjustments Paid Off

The WolverineCorrespondent ISeptember 21, 2009

I've always wondered why you can't make important defensive adjustments during the game, say after the first quarter. I guess there's something special about half-time that makes this possible.

Well, it's happened a few times now. Michigan has headed to the locker room and the defense has been better in the second half.

I wasn't very happy with Michigan's defensive performance overall, but the Wolverines made key stops in the second half.

Still...it felt as though Eastern was able to gain three or more yards on virtually any play during the entire game, particularly on the ground.

I don't think we did a particularly good job filling the running lanes, and our LBs chose incorrectly several times, including on the TD run at the end of the first half. But more on that later.

The Detroit News reported that the defensive coaches met longer than usual at halftime before talking to the players. Ron English said "I don't think there were any changes," but something was different about the team in the second half.

Craig Roh said, "We adjusted, and you could see what happened in the second half." So something was up. Whatever it was that was different worked. I'm just left wondering why it didn't happen say...after the first quarter or during the second.