Michigan's Resurgence Is Sudden and Speedy

The WolverineCorrespondent ISeptember 21, 2009

Great article from the Detroit News' (the only Detroit paper) Bob Wojnowski discussing Michigan's first three games. His point: Michigan can score, and quickly. The defense...well....

"Everything's moving faster around here, in case you haven't noticed. For instance, when a Michigan running back gets the ball, whoosh, there he goes. When a Michigan quarterback or receiver gets the ball, whoosh, there he goes. Yardage and point totals? Up, up. Expectations? Up, up, up. The Wolverines haven't played a road game yet and haven't played a Big Ten game yet and haven't proven a ton yet. They also haven't been stopped yet."

Wojnowski discusses what must be going through Rodriguez's head, and recognizes that a top-three finish is a possibility. He says: "It's a fun start, a better start than expected, which means even more is expected now. You move this quickly, everything gets accelerated."

I think that's right.