Tarvaris Jackson Is Key to Vikings' Playoff Hopes This Season

Eli EtzelContributor IMay 28, 2008

The key to the Vikings playoff hopes this season will rest on the shoulders of Tarvaris Jackson.

If you are reading this probably think Jackson won’t even start or the defense and Peterson will carry them. If you think that you are wrong then and I will tell you why.

We all know the addition of Jared Allen to the Vikings already solid defense will make them pretty dang good, but on the offensive side of ball they need to score more points. We all know they have Adrian Peterson; which is why opposing teams will put 8 in the box. During last season Peterson faced trouble against 8 in the box defenses. So if Childress is smart he will use their running threat to set up the play action pass. That’s where the development of Jackson comes into play. The Vikings got rid of butter fingers Troy Williamson so now Sidney Rice will come into the picture as the number 1 threat in the passing game. For the most part Jackson just has to manage the game mostly rely on Peterson and Taylor to run the ball. However the time will come when Jackson has to make a play or 2 for them to win the game. If he becomes interception prone they will lose most of the games but if he can manage the game the Vikings can surely make the playoffs and maybe win the Super bowl.