Brett Favre Vs. Aaron Rodgers II; Week Two

David ArreolaSenior Analyst ISeptember 21, 2009

DETROIT - SEPTEMBER 20:  Quarterback Brett Favre #4 of the Minnesota Vikings calls signals against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on September 20, 2009 in Detroit, Michigan.  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Welcome friends to Week Two of Brett Favre vs. Aaron Rodgers. Last week we saw the reigning champion get an early start on his repeat. You guys seemed to largely support my pick of Rodgers, despite his lower passer rating.

This week Favre will be looking to even the score. Enough formalities, let's do this shall we?

Minnesota Vikings 27
Detroit Lions        13


Brett Favre: 23-27, 155 yards, 2 TD's

The Good: This week's performance was a huge improvement from his week one performance. Once again, Favre was extremely accurate with the ball and made excellent decisions with the football. The Lions defense gave his receivers lots of space at the line, which Favre capitalized on with short seven yard throws.

Unlike last week, Adrian Peterson was not running the show. In fact, early in the game the Vikings were losing 10-0. Favre led a long drive that he finished off with his first touchdown pass.

Once the Lions defense took notice to Favre, the Vikings were able to get their running game going.

Brett Favre also set another NFL record for most consecutive starts. I think of all his records, this one is the most precious to him.


The Bad: Once again, no downfield passing for Brett. I'm not sure whether it is the Vikings playcalling that is limiting Favre's options, or if Favre is just taking things slow, but it needs to change fast.

When the Vikings play a good pass defense, they will need to have a more versatile passing game.

Right now they are extremely limited in what they can do, but they certainly have the weapons to expand their play calling

Green Bay Packers 24
Cincinnati Bengals 31


Aaron Rodgers: 21-39, 261 yards, 1 TD

The Good: Rodgers' stats were pretty solid this week. He did a great job of moving around in the pocket and letting his receivers get open. With the running game virtually ineffective, Rodgers got the chance to sling the ball around.

Yet again, the offensive line for the Packers crumbled and allowed Rodgers to be sacked more than a quarterback should. This effected Rodgers' overall game.  However, he did a great job of not getting rattled and did not make a costly mistake.


The Bad: Early in the game Rodgers was shockingly inaccurate. He missed a few open receivers by a good two yards. Also, Rodgers seemed to get to antsy in the pocket whenever the rush was coming. He seemed to do a lot of scrambling east and west and never had the ball in throwing position, meaning he was literally running for dear life.

I'm not sure if the Bengals just had great coverage all day, or if the Packer receivers simply weren't getting open, but Rodgers held onto the ball too long at times in the game.

Unfortunately for Rodgers, he found his rythm too late in the game to complete the comeback.


The Pick

Both quarterbacks faced some intense pressure today, but only one quarterback managed to complete 85% of his passes. Brett Favre is our winner for week two.

When Adrian Peterson was ineffective (what??), Favre took control of the offense and brought the Vikings back. A flawless game from Favre as he ties the series at 1-1.


A look ahead....

Next week Aaron Rodgers and the Packers travel to St. Louis where they will take on another weaker team. I'm sure they will be looking to bounce back from a very disappointing loss.

Brett Favre makes his home debut next week as the 49ers come into Minnesota. This is a battle of 2-0 teams and should be interesting.