Michael Beasley or Derrick Rose?: 2008 NBA Mock Draft

Smush HigginsAnalyst IMay 28, 2008

Here are Chicago's choices: Take a very talented inside shooting PF/SF in Michael Beasley, or all-around shooting PG/SG in Derrick Rose, or trade out of the pick.

Well, if they still don't know who they're gonna take June 26th, then they should trade out of the spot. They have Drew Gooden at PF, Luol Deng at SF, Ben Gordon at SG, and Kirk Hinrich at PG. So, I would lean towards Michael Beasley.

If Beasley's gone, than it's going to be a pretty obvious choice for Miami. Dwayne Wade at SG and Derrick Rose at PG would be a dangerous combination.  Minnesota will probably be looking to take a big man because of the KG trade. Seven foot C/PF Brook Lopez could fill that void.

Now, Seattle will probably be shopping for a guard. Despite the off-field issues, O.J. Mayo has 99% value. Jerryd Bayless isn't good enough to go be drafted fourth. So, O.J. Mayo should be the choice.

I was laughing my butt off when Memphis' GM made the Pau Gasol trade. WHAT A COMPLETE DOPE! Well, Kwame Brown will need some backup, so forward Anthony Randolph should go to the Grizzlies.