My Thoughts On The 2010 New York Mets: Preview

Nick Carlo@@carlo2612Analyst IISeptember 20, 2009

NEW YORK - MAY 08:  Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations & General Manager Omar Minaya of the New York Mets looks on before playing the Pittsburgh Pirates on May 8, 2009 at Citi Field in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

A lot of things feel weird for the New York Mets and their great fans while approaching the end of the 2009 season.

It feels weird knowing that the Mets aren't in a tight playoff race at this time; it feels weird that the word collapse isn't being thrown around the Mets; it feels weird that the Mets' games mean close to nothing at this point in the season.

The 2009 season for the Mets was anything, but a success. 

It started out so promising, and the hopes of making the playoffs, and maybe winning the World Series ended so early in the season. I really don't need to explain why this happened, as all Mets fans are probably sick of hearing the same story over and over.

It's time to look ahead, time to see what can help the Mets get back to being in contention.

Many people are saying that the Mets have to rebuild. It's certainly been a tough season, but some feel the Mets can't recover from it. These same people say a lot of things that make no sense to me. 

I don't understand why the Mets should trade Jose Reyes, fire Omar Minaya, etc. It seems like it's "Doom's Day" for the Mets. 

I think differently. I must admit, I haven't been watching my beloved Mets games. I feel guilty, but to be honest it's too painful to watch. Most of you Mets fans and baseball fans out there are probably thinking that I only like the Mets when they're winning.

That is not true, I will always love the Mets. The problem is that I am oddly not used to seeing them play this bad. I became a huge Mets fan at the start of the 2006 season. If you didn't know, that's when the Mets started to become a pretty good team. In my young, but great fan hood of the Mets, I honestly never saw them play as bad as they are this season.

The thing is though, that the "Mets" really weren't going out on the field every game. I know that those backups have "Mets" written across their chests, but we all know that those weren't the great players that brought the "Second Baseball Team" in New York some success.

I stand by my words saying that the Mets don't have to rebuild. Sure, there have been many bad things happening for the Mets, but if the "Mets" were on the field every day and winning, these problems wouldn't even be discussed. 

If you take Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins, Raul Ibanez, and Cole Hamels away from the Philadelphia Phillies, I guarantee that their record at this time would be similar to that of the New York Mets. 

You simply can't judge any team in any sport, when they don't have their best players taking the field every game. Sure, injuries are part of every sport, but when you lose your whole core for most of the season, you know that it's an excuse for a bad year.

With that, I still don't believe that the Mets will be fine next year when everybody comes back healthy. Changes are in need, changes for the team. Let's see what the management can do with a healthy team before we kick them out of their offices. 

Mets fans can't let this tough season hypnotize you into thinking that the New York Metropolitans are doomed for the next 25 years. I will not be surprised one bit if the Mets contend next year. 

All they have to do is make some moves and upgrade their team like every other team is out to do. The Mets have one of the best cores in all of baseball, when healthy. 

In my next few articles, I will be sharing my thoughts on what the Mets should do this offseason and how the team should look on Opening Day. I will be listing my thoughts on the Mets by position. 

My first position will be on the catchers. The Mets have been weak at the catcher spot since Mike Piazza left, and the Mets need a makeover behind the plate. I am going to be reasonable in this series budget-wise for the Mets.

I'm not going to say for the Mets to go out and spend a fortune like the New York Yankees did last year, but I will name some players that the Mets will need to reach deep into their pockets for.

I look forward to this series, and I hope you do to. 

The New York Mets are not doomed, so stay positive Mets fans...even in times like this.

Let's go Mets!