Rick Sund Is New Hawks' GM: "Sund"endly There Is a New Man in Atlanta

Chris SkidmoreContributor IMay 28, 2008

I have just been informed that former Seattle Sonics GM Rick Sund will replace Billy Knight as Hawks GM.

I just have to say, why him?

Why would Atlanta hire a GM that never really did that great in Seattle? The only great deal Sund has ever made is bringing in Ray Allen. I don't trust this guy with a ten foot pole.

This offseason can make or break the Hawks. Both Josh Childress and Josh Smith's contracts have expired. Everyone wants to see these players back in a Hawks uniform.

Will Sund make it happen?

I sure do hope so. Also Mike Woodson has produced a lackluster team that has produced sorely on raw talent. We in Atlanta want him out.

There are a few good coaches left (Avery Johnson) that would serve us well. Please don't screw up this organization that is going in the right direction.

If I am wrong about Sund please leave me a comment to make things better, but as of now I don't believe in him. And the other thing is that the Atlanta Spirit group hired him and they can't hire anyone. Please HELP US!